Q&A Sweet Treats - about us

Bakery & Dessert Cafe in La Grange, Kentucky

Encouraged by family and friends, our owner Andrea Essenpreis, sold her delicious cookies at the weekly farmer's market in La Grange. To her delight, the delicious baked goodies were popular with children and adults! Soon, orders from local specialty grocers started pouring in and Q&A Sweet Treats was born.

In the fall of 2011, Q&A Sweet Treats became a real bakery and dessert cafe at 211 S. First Street in La Grange. You'll find decadent delights, coffees, cakes and freshly-baked breads available every day of the week.

Q&A Sweet Treats is a family owned and operated bakery and dessert cafe located in La Grange, Kentucky.

Offering a variety of gourmet sweets, specialty cakes and hand-decorated sugar cookies, our sweet treats are as beautiful as they are delicious.


q&a sweet treats
Q&A Sweet Treats
Owner Andrea Essenpreis
Open since November, 2011


Mug Shots

When you place an order at the bakery counter at Q&A, you may notice the wonderful collection of photographs and become curious. It’s very sweet story how all those mug shots were taken, and why they hang there.

When Andrea Essenpreis was planning the layout and design of the bakery, it turned out that the walls needed something more than just a coat of paint. She got the idea to photograph the children she had come to know and love over the years while working at the farmer’s market each summer. Andrea teamed up with photographer, Russ Morris, to make it happen.

The Friday night before Q&A Sweet Treats Grand Opening, (November 26, 2011) Andrea invited 25 children to come to the bakery. The kitchen table was filled with cookies and brownies and cakes. The children were brought into the kitchen and told they could pick out anything they wanted. “It was so much fun to see the children’s faces when they saw all the treats!” says Andrea. “It was very exciting for them.”

Then, treat in hand, each child went out front to sit on the steps of the bakery and enjoy their treat while Russ snapped their photos. The results are on the wall for all to see. Andrea says “When these kids grow up and come in for a job, it will be fun to show them their picture on the wall and remember the fun day!”